Shadow Friends Diary

@ShadowFriendsDiary is an ongoing collaborative visual diary stitched together from anonymous submissions of videos and words.

Shadow Friends Diary 001

March 2021


001 (Submissions)

Index of Submitted words and sentences (in alphabetical order)

  1. Alive: running under the sun makes me happy

  2. Be Kind to yourself.

  3. Caffeinating

  4. Cellars

  5. Chilly 

  6. Courage speaks in graceful leaf rustles.

  7. Disco in the dark

  8. Don’t believe what they say

  9. Excited

  10. First outside jog for this spring

  11. Getting sunshine on my body from the window, reminding my strength

  12. Me and my morning matcha

  13. Meeting the water’s edge/ making friends with cold early spring wind

  14. Moving through molasses, through water

  15. My happy place

  16. On my way to work feeling empathy for the fallen cone

  17. Open the curtains

  18. Patience

  19. Peppy

  20. Reflection refraction

  21. Running under the sun makes me happy / alive

  22. Rushing to a fax

  23. Seasons are subjective

  24. Shadow Homie

  25. Snacky

  26. Tentative kindness. A kindness felt from a far, buried somewhere in my heart.

Shadow Friends Diary 000

May 2020 - Feb 2021 

Video (iPhone 8)

000 (Self-documentation)

"Meeting my Shadow friends"


Let me string your words together like a friendship bracelet.

Tie together something that exists within you and within me

into something that exists within us.


Hold my hand like a kindergarten paper cut out

Kissed by the sunlight, hanging onto the windows of old classrooms. 

Bring me back to the place where my memory lives.



No fine line between 

What’s a stranger and what’s a friend,

who’s a stranger, or who’s a friend.

I only knew one line,

“Hi, do you want to play with me?” 



Let me invite you on a playdate.

Let’s make friends with your shadow

Or shine,

when light finds us.


Children of light, 

Shadow friends.